Swaying Palm is a six / seven days tour to Minicoy.Tourists are accommodated in exclusive A/c cottages and other individual cottages built on the beachfront. Journey is by M.V Arabian sea and M.V Lakshadweep sea, M.V. Minicoy and M.V. Amindivi , M.V Kavaratti.Tariff for the cottages as under.

Minicoy Island

Location: 8'-17* North Latitude and 73'-04* east Longitude, located 398 kms from Cochin. It is about 10.6 Kms. long: it is the second largest island. It is the southernmost island in Lakshadweep, crescent shaped and has one of the largest lagoons.

Minicoy, locally known as Maliku މަލިކު is the southernmost atoll of the archipelago of Lakshadweep, India. Minicoy is the second largest and the southernmost among the islands of the Lakshadweep archipelago. It is located 201 km to the SSW of Kalpeni, at the southern end of the Nine Degree Channel and 125 km to the north of Thuraakunu, Maldives, at the northern end of the Eight Degree Channel. The atoll is 10 km in length, having a maximum breadth of about 6 km.

The atoll contains two islands. The main island is located on the eastern and southeastern side of the lagoon, along the reef fringe. It measures about 10 km from its northern end to its southernmost point and it is about 1 km wide in its southern half, while the northern half is a narrow sandspit, often less than 100 m wide. Minicoy is almost completely covered with coconut trees. One of the few landmarks of the island is a tall lighthouse. On the southern side of the main island lies the uninhabited islet of Viringili also called the Small Pox Island, measuring barely 200 m in length.

Viringili is the small islet that can be seen on the south

Minicoy Island

Transportation by Ship

MV Lakshadweep Sea and MV Arabian Sea is the important passenger ships connecting Minicoy with Kochi. The passage takes between 14 to 20 hours.

Rates In Indian Rupees Service Tax At Applicable Rate (5.00%)

Category of Rooms in MinicoyDoubleSingleExtra Person
Air Conditioned Deluxe Room9,0006,0004,000
Air Conditioned Standard Room7,0005,0003,500
10 % hike will be applicable in December


Class of Accommodation
Transportation Cost
Second ClassRs. 7,500/- (Both Ways)
Pushback/BunkRs. 5,000/- (Both Ways)

Rates in Indian Rupees Service Tax at applicable rate (5.00%)

*Gold Class is Four sharing Cabin in the Ship

*Diamond Class is Twin sharing cabin in the ship

*Double is Double occupancy

Available Schedules for Swaying Palm Package.

Sl.NoDepartureName of ShipArrivalIslandDepartureName of ShipArrivalPackage Duration
102.10.2019 KochiM.V L Sea03.10.2019 MinicoyMinicoy08.10.2019 MinicoyM.V L Sea09.10.2019 Kochi5 Ninghts
214.10.2019 KochiM.V L Sea15.10.2019 MinicoyMinicoy18.10.2019 MinicoyM.V L Sea19.10.2019 Kochi3 Nights
317.10.2019 KochiM.V L Sea18.10.2019 MinicoyMinicoy24.10.2019 MinicoyM.V L Sea25.10.2019 Kochi6 Nights
423.10.2019 KochiM.V L Sea24.10.2019 MinicoyMinicoy29.10.2019 MinicoyM.V L Sea30.10.2019 Kochi5 Nights
507.11.2019 KochiM.V L Sea08.11.2019 MinicoyMinicoy11.11.2019 MinicoyM.V L Sea12.11.2019 Kochi3 Nights
610.11.2019 KochiM.V L Sea11.11.2019 MinicoyMinicoy19.11.2019 MinicoyM.V L Sea20.11.2019 Kochi8 Nights
718.11.2019 KochiM.V L Sea19.11.2019 MinicoyMinicoy24.11.2019 MinicoyM.V L Sea25.11.2019 Kochi6 Nights
823.11.2019 KochiM.V L Sea24.11.2019 MinicoyMinicoy06.12.2019 MinicoyM.V L Sea07.12.2019 Kochi12 Nights
905.12.2019 KochiM.V L Sea06.12.2019 MinicoyMinicoy10.12.2019 MinicoyM.V L Sea11.12.2019 Kochi4 Nights
1013.12.2019 KochiM.V L Sea14.12.2019 MinicoyMinicoy18.12.2019 MinicoyM.V L Sea19.12.2019 Kochi4 Nights
1117.12.2019 KochiM.V L Sea18.12.2019 MinicoyMinicoy25.12.2019 MinicoyM.V L Sea26.12.2019 Kochi4 Nights
1117.12.2019 KochiM.V L Sea18.12.2019 MinicoyMinicoy25.12.2019 MinicoyM.V L Sea26.12.2019 Kochi7 Nights
1224.12.2019 KochiM.V L Sea25.12.2019 MinicoyMinicoy29.12.2019 MinicoyM.V L Sea30.12.2019 Kochi4 Nights

LTC/ LTA Eligibility:

Government employees and their family members traveling on leave can get LTC/ LTA Certificate from the SPORTS Manager onboard on 5th Day of the cruise.

Transportation Cost can be availed by:

State and Central Government employees
Employees of Public sector undertakings
Employees of Educational institutions recognised by Central / State Governments or affiliated to any University or educational board.

Diamond Class: Rs 10,000 per person

Gold Class: Rs 7,500 per person

Package Includes

1. Entry Permit and Heritage fee.

2. Welcome drinks.

3. Pickup and drop at Minicoy.

4. Kochi-Minicoy-Koch Ship ticket.

5. Accommodation at Minicoy Beach Resort.

6. All 3 time meals [breakfast Lunch and Dinner] morning and evening tea or coffee.

7. All the Government taxes.

8. Documentation Charges.

9. Our personal assistance on the ship and Island.

Package excludes

1. Flight tickets and other transfers at Kochi

2. All other Water sports like Kayaking Snorkeling and glass bottom boat riding, etc.

3. Scuba Diving

4. All other personal expenses such as Shopping, sightseeing, etc.
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