How to get permit for lakshadweep

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Formalities required for visiting Lakshadweep

» Traveler ought to get an Entry permit recommended under the LM&A (Restriction of passage and habitation) Rule 1967.

» The Entry permit form should to be filled in totally and submitted to the Administrator, Lakshadweep Office, Willington Island, Kochi – 3.


» Fee of Rs. 50/ – per application to be remitted at the office of the Administrator, UT of Lakshadweep, Willingdon island,

    Kochi – 3, with money or by DD on any Syndicate Bank office. 

» should submit the entry permit after his arrival in the Island as soon as possible, inside 24 hours to the closest Registration Oficer (Station House Officer). 

» On return from tour, the said request should be surrendered to the Administrator, Kochi.

Records to be submitted before the Administrator

» Police Clearance Certificate got from the Commissioner of Police of the residing District 


» Original ID evidence bearing Signature. (It is in every case better to convey one more ID verification, for example, Aadhaar or Election ID) and self confirmed photocopy of ID card for each traveller.

» 3 Passport size photos. 

» Your closest Police station address and phone number.

Follow The Rules of Paradise

Visiting Lakshadweep is an encounter not at all like some other you have had till now.  One has to keep a lot on his mind before traveling to these 36 coral islands draping halfway in ocean between Indian territory and unending stretches of shining blue water unmistakable till the skylines. From the minute you start your voyage to Lakshadweep, till the time you return; there are sure decides that are to be carefully trailed by Indian and remote nationals visiting to Lakshadweep.


1.Being away from the mainland, you won’t discover numerous shops here. So it is prompted that you convey with yourself all the vital things. Drugs and fundamental   courtesies are an unquestionable requirement. For brand cognizant individuals, it is better they convey with them their favored brands of cigarettes and cosmetics. 

2. Make sure to book for the visit route ahead of time as number of tourists permitted on the islands at a time is restricted to a limited number.

3. All through the adventure, you will be helped by a delegate of SPORTS (Society For Promotion of Nature Tourism And Sports). It is in every case better to request    his assistance in the travel industry related questions. 


1. Carrying restricted drugs and narcotics into Lakshadweep is a punishable offense. 

2. Liquor isn’t allowed in Lakshadweep.  

3. It is a Punishable act to pick corals. It also effects the ecosystem adversely. 

4. Try not to Pluck coconuts from the trees.They are privately owned and plucking coconuts without permission is a punishable     offense

5. Swimming or Sunbathing naked isn’t permitted.

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